OPEN CALL 2020-2021

The organizational team is happy to announce the Open Call for the 2nd edition of the Contemporary Art Exhibition Ustructure that is planned to take place in city of Gjilan, Kosovo.  

The exhibition targets international artists, and will have a major focus on artists coming from:
  • 75% of selected artwork will be accepted from artists that comes from countries that do not recognize Kosovo as a sovereign state;
  • 25% of selected artwork will be accepted from international artists, regardless of their country of citizenship; Here is the list of Kosovo’s recognition

The open call welcomes artists to apply in different multimedia artwork such as:
  • Photography;
  • Drawings;
  • Digital Drawings;
  • Art Videos.
The exhibition will take place at the Professional Theater/Exhibition Hall in the city of Gjila. For this particular project is foreseen to be created a structure in shape of letter “U”, which will serve to reflect this exhibition with selected artworks from artists.

The theme for the 2nd edition of this initiative is inclusiveness of your creativity, and it is set to be Act Recognition (In context that structure of your artwork, should be connected with your cultural country that you are from, or recognition of any studied theme that you have spent year working on it). Your proposal should be related to the theme of the 2nd call, and all selected artworks from artists will be arranged in this structure that has real shape of letter “U’’.

All selected artwork will appear in printed form; or will be screened on displays inside the “U” structured planned for this exhibition.
Ustructure exhibition is a good opportunity for all international artists and art lovers to enjoy the contemporary scene in Gjilan. Our goal is to enrich the contemporary art scene in Gjilan and provide more cultural events to the city.

To submit your application for Ustructure Exhibition follow the following criteria:  
Apply via web or email at using the following subject format Yourname_ustructure2020.
What should you submit:

  1. For video artists, please provide online links - up to 5 minutes
  2. A written concept (min 200 words)
  3. A CV (max 2 pages)

Ustructure Exhibition Artists/ 1st Edition/23-27 June/2017

• Ana Barroso • Massimiliano Boschini • Loren Brouwers • Mattej Frank & Jasmin Schaitl • Oriana Haddad • Iti • Monika Malson • Eden Mitsenmacher • Joas Nebe • Sam Reeve • Mikio Saito • Diana Siriani • Anna Tea • Simon Welch


Ustructure exhibition details
1st edition/
Exhibition place for this exhibition was located in the Center of the City of Gjilani, exactly in the object of Professional Theater of the City, provided in the main entrance hall of theater to keep this exhibition, where recently municipality of Gjilan has renovated and there is a clear wide space approximately 200 meter square, and inside of this space, for this project has been create a structure in shape of letter ‘’U”, which have been serve to reflect this exhibition with selected artworks from artists.
Theme for first edition of this initiative was inclusiveness of your creativity, and it is set to be  ‘’Ustructure’’= ‘’U’’ ( You) and ‘’Structure’’, (that means your structure: structure of your artworks, could be your personality, structure of your personality, etc…), so proposals has been related with ‘’Ustructure’’ theme and selected artworks from artists was arranged inside of the structure that had real shape of letter ‘’U’’.

1st edition 
Supported by/

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